Case Study

Advertisers without borders

Landing Page Campaign

In order to reflect the worldwide reality of Child Labor, we chose Linkedin, one of the biggest social networks on a WW level, to create an effective and profound campaign.

Advertisers without borders - Landing Page Campaign

The Children Notwork landing page

The idea was born when we noticed that in order to create a Linkedin profile, there is no specific requirement of age to create your own profile, and therefore, appear in the search engine when companies are looking for new employees.

The campaign had no intention of damaging the social network┬┤s reputation but instead, build awareness among its users on how by spreading the word change can be made.

To activate the idea, several fake profiles were created, including more than 50 children and 4 companies working with minors in different places around the world

Also, to gain credibility, this profiles were adding users day by to day to increase their contact list. If a real user with a Linkedin profile received the invite from a child, a strong message asked them if they accepted child labor or preferred to continue ignoring it.